Now more than ever, organizations are adopting technology to connect and engage their workforce.

Today’s market is full of single-purpose products that are complex and require costly integration. Only Appspace combines employee communications and workplace management tools together in a single platform, making it simple to deploy, manage, and scale while keeping IT, HR, and Workplace teams aligned and working together.

See Appspace for yourself at ISE 2022

Our team is headed to Barcelona and is excited to show you everything Appspace can bring to your organization to help you create a workplace your employees love. 

When you book a demo with a member of our team, you’ll get a hands-on look at our features including:

  • Employee App & Intranet 
  • Employee Check-In & Visitor Management 
  • Digital Signage & Kiosks
  • Room & Desk Reservation

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Reliable and secure

Your organization’s data is safe and secure with Appspace. See our certifications for more details.

Flexible deployment

Appspace uses Google Cloud Platform for public cloud deployments. Prefer to use your own environment? We can do that too.

Easy-to-use & intuitive

Designed for employees, Appspace is simple to use and manage, reducing training time and internal support headaches.


From a single endpoint to thousands of devices, Appspace’s platform and pricing grow with you.

Plug & play

In just a few clicks, you can have Appspace up and running on any device, anywhere.

Leverage existing technology

Keep it simple by integrating with the tools your employees are already using every day.

Build a strong culture

Keep employees informed and engaged with tools they’ll love using both in and out of the office.

Attract and retain talent

A strong culture and modern spaces are just a few of the things that employees look for when seeking employment. With Appspace, you’ll get both.

Share important messages

From upcoming holidays to notices about new policies, easily create and share the content that matters to employees to any device.

Increase productivity

Employees can gather the info they need and transition easily between office locations allowing them more time to get stuff done.

Create a flexible, hybrid workplace

With space reservation tools like room scheduling, workspace reservation, and desk hoteling, you can provide more workplace options for your team.

Easy-to-use and adopt

Designed with employees in mind, Appspace is easy to learn how to use and manage no matter your role.

Create amazing workspaces

Use space reservation tools like room scheduling, workspace reservation, and desk hoteling to create a flexible, hybrid workplace.

Modernize your offices

Upgrade your facilities with digital displays and kiosks ready for sharing important announcements and alerts.

Manage your facilities

Administration tools make it easy to manage and report on capacity, usage, and more.

Front desk & security

Capture visitor photos, digital signatures and always know who was in the building and when with touchless check-in and digital reception.

Reserve rooms, desks & more

Employees can book spaces, desks, and resources in a few clicks from any internet-connected device.

Locate coworkers & spaces

Help employees get where they are going with interactive directories, maps, and space reservation tools.

Deliver internal communications

Keep your team informed and aligned by sharing announcements, information, and more on almost any workplace display.

Analyze and adjust

See your performance with robust communications analytics.

Brand your content

Create your own engaging, on-brand content with just a couple of clicks.. Customize and lock fonts, colors, and images with ease.

Reach any employee, anywhere

Send the same, consistent messages to employees in the office, at home, or on the go.

Built-in content strategy

Our experts can help you craft content to meet your goals and keep your team informed and engaged.

Organize content your way

Segment communications by type, role, location, and more for your team’s unique needs.

Keep employees safe

Ensure that employees are up to date on important policies and procedures.

Engage with frontline workers

Reach employees out on the floor, on the road, or at their desks with the same consistent information.

Meet safety requirements

Display safety information publicly, meeting industry and government regulations, keeping your organization incident-free, longer.

Built-in content strategy

Our industry experts can provide your team with important safety messages automatically, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Create safe spaces

Manage capacity, keep track of visitors, and enforce cleaning protocols using space reservation tools.


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